The Best Hotel on the Beach Side
Welcome to Hotel Kowsa Holidays

The Best Hotel on the Beach Side

Welcome to Hotel Kowsa Holidays, a sanctuary of luxury nestled near the tranquil shores of Auro Beach in the heart of Pondicherry. Our story is one of passion, hospitality, and a commitment to providing an unparalleled escape for discerning travelers.


Auro Beach

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Auro Beach

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Hotel Ameneties & Features

Immerse yourself in the opulence of our Luxury AC Rooms and take a dip in our Rooftop Swimming Pool with panoramic views. The allure of our Beach View Restaurants beckons you to savor delectable cuisines, creating moments of pure delight during your stay.
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Luxury AC Rooms

Experience unmatched comfort in our Luxury AC Rooms at Hotel Kowsa Holidays – where contemporary elegance meets ultimate relaxation. Your retreat to opulence awaits.

Rooftop SwimmingPool

Elevate your relaxation at Hotel Kowsa Holidays with our Rooftop Swimming Pool. Immerse yourself in a serene oasis high above, offering breathtaking views and a refreshing escape into luxury.

Home Food Available

Relish the comforts of home with our "Home Food Available" service at Hotel Kowsa Holidays. Enjoy delicious, freshly prepared meals delivered to your room, ensuring a taste of familiarity during your stay. .

Beach View Restaurant

Savor a culinary journey with a panoramic backdrop at our Beach View Restaurant. Delight in delectable dishes while soaking in breathtaking views of the pristine shoreline, making every dining experience a feast for the senses.

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What They’re Saying?

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Inspired Incentives

Luxury Accommodations

Immerse yourself in comfort and style with our well-appointed rooms, including Executive, Deluxe, Honeymoon, Couple Friendly, and Triple Bed options.

Rooftop Swimming Pool

Enjoy a refreshing dip with panoramic views, offering a tranquil escape high above the bustle.

Beach View Restaurant

Delight in culinary excellence while soaking in picturesque views of the nearby shoreline.

Home Food Service

Experience the taste of home with our convenient home-cooked meal service delivered to your room.